Beyond 2013 and Beyond!

Welcome to 2013 everyone! Can’t say I’m sorry to see the last half of 2012 wave goodbye. Especially with that Sandy character bumming everyone’s high around these parts.

But we move forward, right?

Anyway, saying hello to you all and let you know there is exciting things coming in spring 2013!

But first, congrats on Free Energy releasing their second record, a wonderful piece of work called “Love Sign” It was a blast working with them and these guys are so fun and talented, the lovesign points to “Awesome.” They are touring the record right now so check them out somewhere in America!

With that done, Spring will bring an end to a Winter to dismember! It’s freezing here in the Northeast. Spring will bring rebirth, renewal and some awesome records I did last year.

In the latter half of last summer, I had the pleasure of working on the new Phosphorescent record. I was a fan going in, having liked the last record record and having seen them live a few time. Well, expectations exceeded! This new record, “Muchacho” is wonderful and Matthew Houck is one of the most talented, awesome and righteous dudes I’ve ever met. Release date is March 19th on Dead Oceans.

An artist I’ve been working with since the late ’90’s, Jay Farrar, will be releasing a new Son Volt record on Rounder, March 13th. The album is aptly titled, “Honky Tonk” It is a great record with a real country vibe to it, chock full of great Jay songs. There’s no pseudo, “Man I Feel Like A Woman” country bullshit on this record. It is straight up honky tonk with fiddles and lap steels and some more great Jay singing. Every time this record pops on in my house, it blows my mind how Jay continues to put out records that are great and different from each other.

So, early last October I started a record with a band called The Thermals. We were working at Water Music Recorders in Hoboken. It was so great making an immediate, rocking record that had “to the point” songs. No filler at all. Ten songs about post apocalyptic times and survival and love’s endurance. Although the 4 of us had never met before, it was love at first sight when we started working together.

Things were going great when, Sean, the studio engineer mentioned to me about this weather event coming the next week. Some Hurricane Sandy. Well, knowing that Hurricane Irene was not so kind to Hoboken, I informed the band we were going to burn the midnight oil to finish the record before the hurricane hit, which was about 4 days early. And that they were going to stay with me and family in Jersey City.

Well, the rest is history. We got out of there early Monday morning. Hurricane Sandy bitchslapped Hoboken and other parts of the New York and New Jersey area. It was terrible. So many people lost so much, I was thankful to have all my favorite people close by and safe. The band stayed with us 5 days and when we dropped them off at the airport, it was like sending my kids away to college. Except I like The Thermals. hahahaha, joke.

So the record rules and I have an intense personal connection with it and the band. “Our Love Survives” ends the record and that how I feel about them. The record comes out mid April on a label I’m not allowed to mention right now but you will love it and them.

And then there’s Kurt Vile. The Vile, the myth, the legend and did I mention, the Vile! We started making a record, on and off last May. Woodstock, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and Manhattan. The record is epic in it’s tapestry. “Smoke Rings” was such a cool record and so well received, there’s always pressure doing the follow up.

Well, Kurt brought something special to the tables starting with the songs. Sprawling, beautiful and powerful. And those are the b sides! hahahahaha. I can’t wait for it to be released. It’s going to freak out current fans and convert the heathen who doubt!

So more details later on that, but you heard it from me. That record is special!

To leave this continent for another, right before working with Phosphorescent, I had the pleasure of mixing a record for a French singer named Pamela Hute. She is the owner of a big, beautiful voice and she writes some wonderful songs. She is the queen of the pop hook and excels at synth pop and jangle, guitar rock. The album is called Bandit and it will steal your heart. Or your wallet.

At this time there is no American release, but I do hope it sees the light of day here. It’s too good not to. I believe it’s a March release there and believe me, I’m ordering a couple!

Okay, I think that covers it.

Things to do while printing mix stems, number 54. Update website!

Thanks all!