What’s up, homies!

Happy Autumn!
Well, hello, everyone! Things are cruising along here in Johnnyworld. The summer saw a flurry of activity with multiple records and traveling and other hi jinx!

I started the summer working with a great Belgium artist who goes by the moniker, Admiral Freebee. Tom Van Laere, his actual name is a wonderful dude with a great sense of humor and loads of talent. He came here armed with his acoustic guitar and his electric guitarist, Tim and we put a slamming band behind him.

Our killer rhythm section consisted of good friends, Steve Shelley and Jeff Bailey, from Sonic Youth and Phosphorescent. With able contributions from Alex Lipsen (keys), Okkervil River‘s Mike St. Claire(Horns) , Heather McIntosh (Strings), Mary Lattimore (harp) and some shredding by J Mascis, it was a great record and so much fun to make. The record came out really great and I hope some day we can figure out how to release it here. I also got to work at Water Music Recorders for the first time since Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc over the west side of Hoboken. It was great to be back there.

Finishing Tom’s record left me with a day to celebrate daughter Sara’s 25th birthday and then I left for 3 weeks of European work/fun. Mostly work. Visiting my good friend, Paco Loco and working at his studio is always a great time. Add The Hazey Janes into the mix and it was a great time. I love these kids. It’s my third record with them and they are so talented, it hurts. Upon finishing that record, I busted a move up to Madrid for two days of fun and then further north to Norway to help the wonderful Dyveke cut basic tracks for her next record. Norway was a blur of different towns and studios. We worked in Moss and in Halden and then had an Oslo day where I surprised the Phosphorescent guys backstage after their set.

I returned home to take one day off and then proceed to mix a record for the The Everymen at Fluxivity Studios. Great friends, great band! I love these guys. They are my favorite new band and they’ve been kicking out the jams a bunch live. The new record is excellent and like any successful artist, they have really stepped their game up after the first record, which I really like also. Anyway, keep an eye on them.

Returning to Water Music Recorders, I immediately dove into a record with a band from the north of Spain, called “Audience”. A wonderful group of guys, we had a great 2 weeks of recording. Stylistically, almost country ish or at least a bit Americana, they had some cool songs and it was fun working with them. They also prepared lunch everyday and every meal was a classic.

Post Labor Day found me mixing a few songs for the Portland band, City Pools. Very cool songs and very powerful. They’ll be more to talk about them later, as I am going to be working with the more in the future. And very excited about it!

Continuing my mixing frenzy at Fluxivity Studios, I then spent two and a half weeks with Andy and Robert from Manchester Orchestra mixing their new record. Which I can warn the world is amazing. It was kind of like an episode of 2 and 1/2 Men. I would be considered the half. We had so much fun mixing the record and I gotta tell you, they are two of my favorite people in the world. The record is massive. Great hooks and great melodies and a wall of sound that will knock you off your barstool. You’ll see.

And now, I’m mid mix working with a great English band called, Blood Red Shoes. The record is great. They are primal, they make a racket and write great songs. More to come on this one.

That’s it for now, but I mean, isn’t that enough? Good night and good luck.