My Last Year Or So... Who's Johnny??

My Last Year Or So...
If you've read the bio, you know a little bit of history about me. Here's what's been going on over the last year or two.

It's been a pretty cool couple of years. I've been blessed to make some new awesome friends. The Hold Steady guys are totally solid. "Boys and Girls In America" did really well for them. It was ranked really high in a bunch of the "end of the year" lists in all the major music mags. And we've made a new record which is awesome. By the summer, it should be cranking around the country and Europe.

I've done a bunch of cool stuff with Dino and the Youth. In fact, for about two months, me and Sharon were moving to Amherst/Northampton. We actually put a bid on a house, but lost it to another couple. Then Sharon got a job at Sterling Sound, which kiboshed the move.

I was reunited with a wonderful band I had worked with years before named Madrugada. Unfortunately, the reunion was tragically upset by the death of my good friend and band member, Robert Buras. A great man and a wonderful talent. The band and I regrouped and finished the record, but it was an intense process, unlike anything I've experienced before. Damn I miss him.

Earlier in 07, I was lucky enough to work with the great Turbonegro. "Retox" is an awesome record and I loved the time I spent with Euroboy, Happy Tom and Chris Summers. Man, those guys are great live and it's a record I'll always be proud of.

I've also been psyched to work with a bunch of great indie artists like, The Hazey Janes, Cobra Verde and Aaron Lee Tasjan.

And I've been blessed to just finish a great record record with my favorite singer of all, Jennifer O'Connor. She is so special, I can't listen to the record without getting chills.

Anyway, all is good. Look for some of these records and there will be more to come soon.